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Who we are

Founded in 2010, ANZU® has developed a diverse product line which concentrates on solving some of the fundamental problems faced by physicians, and patients.

Multiple Solutions

All our products are HIPAA compliant
Medical Education

A collaborative medical community with content publishing, video bookmarking, and a cutting edge metadata tagging system.

Physician/Patient Engagement

A HIPAA compliant information sharing and communication network between physicians and their patients.

Patient Engagement

A standalone HIPAA compliant patient communication and information sharing platform.

Clinical Studies

A HIPAA compliant clinical studies platform that leverages mobile technology with a patient facing interface, LIMS integration and incorporation of multi-media.

Data Analysis

Data visualization and analysis of with the ability to create custom algorithms and visuals.

Immunity Management System
A solution for understanding and managing immunity to SARS-CoV-2 through a LIMS agnostic interface, and a patient facing mobile application.

Enhance your Solutions

Add These Additional Components to Customize Your Platform.

Our Working Process

Understand the Pain Points

Our products have been developed to streamline medical workflow in education, clinical studies, and physician/patient information exchange and communication.

Create a Targeted Solution
ANZU® has developed product lines which provides unique UI & technological solutions to different problems faced by many of the major stakeholders in medicine.
Customize the Components
ANZU® has developed a broad set of unique supplemental components that can be added to many of their platforms.
Create a Multi-Platform Product

Most of the offerings are available in both web and native mobile applications.

Analyze the Outcome

We utilize a variety of business intelligence tools and customized algorithms to create a broad scope of data visuals and analysis.

Collaborative Partnerships

Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

Immunity Management System*

ANZU® in collaboration with EVE LIMS, Healix Pathology LLP and Consultative Genomics PLLC has developed a system to understand and manage immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus through a direct LIMS agnostic mobile interface to the pathology laboratory. The HIPAA compliant EVE Patient App provides real-time access to test processing and easy to understand Health Cards.
* Decisions regarding immunity management are multi-factorial and should only be made in consultation with a physician.

Ronan Solutions

ANZU® in collaboration with Iron Medical Systems, the leader in cloud hosting of EMR’s in Radiation Oncology, founded Ronan Solutions. This joint venture conceptualized and built the Aesthetic Neural Network, a nationwide network of shared business data from Aesthetic Surgeons and Med Spas. It is considered the gold standard of cosmetic surgery data in the country.

About Us

An experienced team of individuals with unique skill sets
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